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Escape your routine to develop and sharpen your vision. What is your quest?

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What to expect in paradise?

Go deep within. Get clarity. Manifest your vision.

1 — Go deep within

Learn to listen to your intuition through breathwork, meditation and yoga among other practices.

2 — Get clarity

Clarify your purpose, intentions and zone of genius and translate these into a vision for the next 3 years.

3 — Manifest your vision

Solidify your vision by creating a clear strategic roadmap and an adequate 100 day action plan.

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We aim to create a sense of community, collaboration and support, and strive to encourage each and every one of you to live your quest.

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Conscious canvas: exploring mind, body, spirit through art with Constance Van Berckel

February 29th

Approaching art as a potent lens for observing history, culture, and societal change, we will look at how creative expression can be used to examine the interplay between body, mind, and soul.

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The Power of Food: Tapping into the healing power of food through orthomolecular therapy with Lydia Baum

January 18th

Dive into Orthomolecular Therapy, discover the power of unprocessed foods and learn to balance a nutrient-rich diet with the pleasures of indulgence.

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How To Simplify Communication with Lacey Landesmann

February 15th

Let's dive into ways to simplify communication, through understanding your audience, their language, and using supporting visuals.

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"LIBERTAD" Album Release with Lidia Lins

December 12th

Our Familia member and wonderful singer and musician Lidia Lins is hosting an album release event in Lisbon, Portugal! (Tickets must be purchased)

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The art of thinking big with Jasper Mutsaerts

January 25th

Learn about the mindset and tools to think big or bigger. And reflect on what is keeping you small.

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Relearn to Love based on your Attachment Style with Flora Ong

February 22nd

The single greatest predictor of relationship success is your attachment style.

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The art of saying no with Jasper Mutsaerts

May 16th

Reflect on your boundaries and improve your skills to say no.

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