Ericeira — Portugal

May 8-13 Trainers & Coaches Edition


Picturesquely draped across sandstone cliffs above the blue Atlantic, sunny, whitewashed Ericeira is popular with people seeking a getaway. It’s equally renowned for spectacular ocean vistas and excellent seafood restaurants, and is a mecca for surfers, who come here for the great waves and camaraderie.

Trainers & Coaches Edition

🌟 Announcing the "Trainers and Coaches" Edition of our Soul Kitchen Retreat!

Calling all trainers, coaches, and change-makers who inspire and empower others! This unique edition is specially designed to enhance your coaching expertise and ignite your personal growth journey.

Join us at Casa Eira in Ericeira, Portugal, for an enriching experience that will rejuvenate your spirit and expand your impact. Immerse yourself in a supportive community of fellow trainers and coaches, united by a shared passion for transformation and growth.

During this empowering edition, led by our founder Jasper and a team of skilled facilitators, you'll delve into advanced coaching techniques, harness your unique strengths, and gain profound insights to elevate your practice.

Discover the art of facilitating transformative change, refine your coaching toolkit, and connect with a dynamic network of like-minded professionals.

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Casa Eira is your 'espaço criativo' or creative space. Enjoy a 5-night stay in this 100-year-old charming villa nestled in the heart of Ericeira.

At Casa Eira, you are free to explore every nook and cranny that this private and intimate home has to offer. From the upper to lower terraces, enjoy watching the sun peek through the clouds while soaking in the coastal views of the mountains and sea. From the indoor yoga shala to outdoor garden, discover where you find your own creative inspirations.

If your curious mind leads you off the property, Casa Eira is a quick stroll to the sea, hidden paths in the hills, and enchanting streets of the town of Ericeira.

You are welcome to rest here.
You are welcome to create here.
You are welcome to dream here.
You are welcome to discover new things here.


You'll be guided by a group of passionate facilitators that can't wait to meet you.

  • ...

    Nanneke Landman

    Breathwork, Meditation & Yoga

  • ...

    Lisa de Bruijn

    Chef & Cacao ceremony

  • ...

    Steven Ebbers

    Breathwork & Stress management

  • ...

    Jasper Mutsaerts


  • ...

    Stephanie Zuure


  • ...

    Ariana Meléndez

    Community & Operations

  • ...

    Anieke Lamers

    Vision Guide

This trip to Ericeira might just be perfect for you if you are one of those...

Dreamers — who want to carry out their vision


Idealists — who want to grow their impact


Creators — who have lost their inspiration


Read what the 6-day journey from
intention to manifestation will look like.

Set your intention for this retreat and connect with the group. Reflect on where you stand in your life and in your "work". Take a breath, a pause and stand still for a moment. Feel into what your heart desires and what type of transformation you are longing for.

Descend into your body. Switch off your mind. Forget about your goals, your to-do-list and your situation outside of the retreat. Be here, right now. Breathe, meditate and move. Relax and rejuvenate. Connect with your body and feel what is alive in you right now, right here.

Ascend into your life purpose. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. What are you here for? What do you get so excited about that you want to dedicate your life to it? What is the purpose of your life?

Turn your life purpose into a concrete 3-5 year vision. What does your vision for the coming years look like? What tangible things do you want to create in the world? What values are related to your vision? Both for your work and for your life in general.

Turn your vision into a concrete strategic plan. Through exercises and discussions, we'll help you make your decisions on what you want to focus on and what not. You'll leave the retreat with clarity on how to move forward with your life or business plan.

At the retreat, you'll identify and prioritize which actions will bring you to the life of your vision. We'll give you the tools to choose new habits and set achievable goals for the future. You'll leave with a clear 100-day action plan. Manifest your dreams into existence.