Steven Ebbers: The breathwork facilitator, psychologist, and coach redefining holistic well-being

Sep 29, 2023


Meet Steven Ebbers, our breathwork maestro! Get ready to dive into the world of breath with the man who knows the ins and outs of the art!

Steven's journey into the world of breathwork began seven years ago, and his dedication led him to become a fully qualified breathwork facilitator. But his expertise doesn't end there. He is also a Psychologist and ICF accredited coach, blending his deep understanding of psychology with his passion for holistic well-being. Furthermore, he's a Firewalk Facilitator, symbolizing his commitment to guiding individuals through transformative experiences that transcend boundaries.

At the heart of Steven's work lies an unwavering focus on connection– a connection that resonates at the deepest levels of our being. Steven is dedicated to helping individuals question their reality and rediscover what he calls the "Simple-Self." This innate part of us knows precisely what it needs. Getting closer to what's real and what can be felt in the present moment, with "safety" at the heart of this process.

This is where the breath comes into play. Our breath is a direct connection to what's alive within us – whether it's joy, stress or fear. There's no hiding when it comes to the breath, and it serves as a powerful tool in Steven's transformative work.


Steven offers a range of breathing modules tailored to individual needs. From activating techniques to relaxation exercises for shorter sessions, to the deep and intense Conscious Connected breathing for those seeking profound transformation, he understands that every journey is unique.

Breathlife, the platform through which Steven channels his expertise and passion, is built on three fundamental principles:

1. Everything should be an Experience: Steven firmly believes that life should be lived to the fullest. Every moment is an opportunity to be. With Breathlife, he creates experiences that enrich lives.

2. We only work in a committed Environment: Commitment and dedication are the cornerstones of personal transformation. In the safe and dedicated space that Steven cultivates, clients can explore, heal, and transform.

3. We celebrate the Experiment: Embracing new experiences and unconventional paths is at the heart of Steven's philosophy. Experiments live right on the edge of the known and unknown, safety and growth. And the best bit? Experiments give permission to be wrong.


Steven and Breathlife offers a comprehensive range of services designed to facilitate personal growth and healing:

Breathing Coaching: Through a variety of breathing techniques, clients can alleviate stress, reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, and enhance their overall quality of life. A breathing assessment identifies potential improvements, with the aim of improving nervous system regulation.

Breathwork and Somatic Therapy: These sessions focus on reconnecting individuals to their authentic selves. Steven creates a safe and personalised space for clients to explore their emotions, whether it's anger, sadness, guilt, or any other feeling. The process may involve addressing present and past issues, fostering a sense of safety in one's body, and engaging in somatic practices like voice work, movement, bodywork, and more.

Each of Steven's sessions typically lasts 90 minutes or longer, depending on the need for integration. They begin with a check-in to ensure the focus is on the client's most pressing concerns, followed by a coaching process to consolidate the learning. At our upcoming Vision Retreat, these strategies will serve as a cornerstone, allowing participants to immerse themselves deeply in their personal growth journey and inner quest.

The value of breathwork in everyday life: Breathwork is a practice known for its transformative potential, offering practical benefits for daily life. It's a powerful tool for stress management, anxiety reduction, and overall well-being improvement. By helping regulate the nervous system, breathwork can lead to better emotional stability, mental clarity, and increased resilience when dealing with life's demands.

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Breathwork offers a wide range of benefits, including stress reduction for natural relaxation and emotional regulation for better responses to challenges. It enhances focus, mental clarity, and resilience, enabling individuals to navigate life's ups and downs with greater strength. Additionally, it fosters heightened self-awareness, deepening the connection to one's inner world.

You might like to know how Steven's and Soul Kitchen's paths crossed: Ten years ago, Steven and Jasper met over a casual coffee chat, and without knowing much about each other, a remarkable journey unfolded. While Jasper brings his business expertise and a mission to foster personal growth through meaningful, intimate experiences, Steven complements this vision perfectly by facilitating breathwork sessions that tap into the profound power of the breath. Together, they create a unique blend of personal growth, breathwork, movement, and entrepreneurial workshops that invite participants to explore their inner selves while gaining clarity on their entrepreneurial journey.

Working with Steven at the Soul Kitchen retreats has truly been a remarkable journey towards self-discovery, emotional healing, and personal growth. With his unique blend of expertise and dedication to human connection, Steven guides individuals to lead lives that resonate deeply with their authentic selves.

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