Anieke Lamers: Nurturing authenticity in venture capital and connecting families worldwide

Oct 10, 2023


In the dynamic realm of Venture Capital (VC), where decisions can shape the future of startups and innovation, Anieke Lamers emerges as a guiding force, championing authenticity and purpose. With a diverse background spanning Private Equity, Corporate VC, Impact VC, and entrepreneurial ventures, she has become a catalyst for change in the VC landscape. In this blog, we'll explore Anieke's multifaceted journey, her mission to empower VCs, and her innovative venture, Peekabond.

Anieke's journey through the world of finance and venture capital is marked by diversity and depth. Her experiences range from traditional Private Equity to the cutting-edge realm of Impact VC. Anieke has donned multiple hats, from being an informal investor and VC scout to taking on the role of an operator in a startup. She has a broad background that gives her a complete understanding of the VC world.

Yet, amidst her rich experiences, Anieke identified a crucial gap in the VC industry—a lack of a clear learning and development program and support system. This realization served as a catalyst for her future endeavors.

Anieke's collaborative spirit is a magnetic force in the VC world. She understands how to create impact by leveraging her diverse experiences and perspectives.Her understanding of the importance of having a confidential external coach for making well-informed decisions was instrumental in establishing The VC Coach. Through this initiative, her aim is clear: to empower VCs to show up as their best selves and catalyze positive change within the industry.


Anieke's vision for the future of venture capital is grounded in humanity, impact, and purpose. She firmly believes that financial return and societal impact can coexist harmoniously, setting the stage for a more meaningful and sustainable approach to investing. Her vision encompasses pivotal elements: Anieke advocates for a venture capital sector where VCs prioritize both financial returns and positive societal impact. This alignment of purpose can create a more meaningful and sustainable approach to investing.

She envisions a shift away from hierarchical and political structures within VC firms. Instead, she promotes a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship, where diverse voices are valued, and innovative ideas can thrive.At the core of Anieke's vision lies diversity and inclusion. She strives to reduce bias in VC decision-making processes, fostering an industry that is welcoming and inclusive to individuals from all backgrounds.

Anieke's mission is crystal clear—to make the future of venture capital more human. As a certified executive coach based in Portugal with experience spanning Europe and the US, she has closely worked with numerous Venture Capitalists. Her focus centers on nurturing VCs into impactful and sustainable leaders, underlining the significance of authenticity in their roles.


Being originally Dutch, Anieke tends to be direct and honest. However for Anieke, authenticity is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. She firmly believes that being true to oneself is both rare and the key to attraction, value creation, and meaningful connections. Authenticity, in her view, involves aligning decisions with the head, heart, gut, and spirit—a holistic approach she encourages in both her coaching and her own life. She would describe her coaching style as a balanced mix of depth as well as lightness and playfulness. She also believes in the healing power of playfulness and laughter, and in not taking everything too seriously.

Beyond her impactful work in venture capital, Anieke has ventured into the realm of social entrepreneurship with Peekabond. This innovative company aims to help global families build deep bonds with young children. Peekabond's core values—Ambitious, Playful, and Ethical (APE)—reflects its mission to bring families closer together. Anieke's personal connection to the cause runs deep. Having lived in Europe and being a proud aunt to her 2-year-old niece in Australia, whom she adores, she has a deep understanding of the longing that comes from being physically distant from loved ones. This insight inspired her to establish Peekabond, with the goal of bridging those geographical gaps and enabling families to maintain a sense of connection, even when they are separated by distances.

Peekabond represents more than a mere business endeavor; it embodies a heartfelt mission. Anieke enthusiastically expresses, "We are creating a movement dedicated to uniting families across borders, timezones and generations"

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Anieke Lamers embodies the spirit of authenticity, purpose, and impact. Her journey from finance to coaching and social entrepreneurship serves as an inspiration. Through The VC Coach, she empowers VCs to excel while staying true to their values. With Peekabond, she fosters connections and bonds within families, regardless of geographical boundaries.She stands as a beacon of hope, sparking positive change in the venture capital industry and bringing families closer together, one heartfelt connection at a time.

If you've been inspired by Anieke's journey and her mission to foster authenticity in venture capital while bringing families closer together through Peekabond, we invite you to experience her coaching firsthand. Join us at our upcoming Vision Retreat, where you can engage with Anieke and tap into her wealth of knowledge, insights, and guidance.

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