Olivier Kruger: Empowering social entrepreneurs through “CFO-as-a-Service” and impactful business strategies

Oct 17, 2023


Olivier Kruger is an inspiring figure in the financial industry, a wisdom seeker, and a die-hard sports fan. By supporting "cfo-as-a-service" impact startup and scaleups Olivier has had a big impact on the impact scene as an independent financial consultant. He holds a Masters in Finance from the University of Groningen and has the skills necessary to support social entrepreneurs, set ambitious goals, raise money, and expand companies that are forces for good. Let's explore the life of Olivier Kruger and see how he combines ancient wisdom, financial knowledge, and business savviness to help companies to thrive.

Olivier Kruger has a clear mission: to support social entrepreneurs in attaining their ambitious financial goals, obtaining funding, and fostering the expansion of their companies so that they can improve society. Innovative organizations like Incision, Pro Parents, Yoni and The Social Handshake are among his remarkable clientele; they all share a strong dedication to fostering a more impactful and better environment. Olivier provides these businesses with crucial financial assistance and strategic advice through his creative "cfo-as-a-service" offering, assisting them in navigating the frequently difficult and complex business environment.


Fundraising Support: Olivier guides clients through the challenging fundraising process. This includes assisting them with the organization of their pitch decks, the development of precise financial predictions, the determination of their worth, and the matching of their value offer with possible investors. His experience guarantees that social entrepreneurs have the financial support they require to significantly impact the world around them.

Pricing Strategy: For any firm, choosing the appropriate pricing strategy is crucial. Olivier assists his clients in choosing the best pricing approach for their business. This entails assessing their price position, segment, capabilities, and pricing reaction strategy in the face of competition. For long-term sustainability and profitability, it is essential to have a thoughtful pricing plan.

Financial Analytics: Olivier is skilled in revealing crucial insights into the operation of businesses. He accomplishes this by collecting an extensive amount of data and using dynamic KPI tracking dashboards to provide a clear image of a business' activities through financial data. This empowers his clients to decide for their businesses in an informed and planned manner.


The way that Olivier Kruger incorporates meditation and ages-old knowledge into his art is one of his distinctive qualities. Olivier gains a deeper comprehension of people's motivations and how they relate to business choices by engaging in Vipassana meditation practice and studying the ideas of "Tantra for Business," which he co-hosts with Lya Serrano. Through these procedures, his consulting adopts a holistic philosophy that promotes a balance between monetary success and individual well-being.

He has made a big and lasting influence by co-founding VoorDeThuiswerkers, an startup founded in the corona crisis to support homeworkers and hotels by offering empty hotel rooms as offices for a day. He has supported founders as a business coach with starting their business via organizations like Startupbootcamp, Forward Incubator and Ye! Community. Further he coached teenagers on a holiday camp to improve their social skills, like making friends, improving self-esteem, dealing with peer pressure. He co-initiated Rave for Humanity, a festival to raise funds and awareness for the refugees of the Syrian civil war under Amsterdam's young urban population.

Olivier is a remarkable individual who has carved a niche for himself in the world of finance, using his financial expertise to empower social entrepreneurs. His "cfo-as-a-service" offering, combined with his approach to financial strategy, enables businesses to thrive while making a positive impact on society. With an unwavering commitment to guiding businesses toward success, he is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the realm of financial consultancy.

For those who seek to experience Olivier's coaching and wisdom firsthand, the opportunity awaits at our vision retreat, where you can delve into the insights and knowledge that have made him a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry.

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