Flora Ong: A guide to breaking relationship patterns and finding true connection

Dec 01, 2023


Look no further for dating advice than Flora Ong, an integrated attachment specialist, a certified life and executive coach who has successfully guided countless individuals toward fulfilling and lasting love. In a world filled with uncertainty and confusion, Flora stands out as a source of wisdom, offering an innovative approach to dating and relationships.

In the past, Flora worked as a matchmaker, a role that provided her with valuable insights into the dynamics of attraction and connection. Her experience as a dating coach further affirmed the importance of understanding that one's subconscious is the key driver to having sustainable and healthy relationships.

Flora, the founder of Redo Love, understands the difficulty of modern dating. After divorce, Flora entered the dating scene via the apps and while she was excited at the possibilities she soon began to doubt her ability to sustain a healthy relationship. She found herself falling for partners that love bombed and breadcrumbed her and ultimately left her feeling like she was the problem. But she couldn’t understand what she was doing wrong until she learned about attachment styles. What opened up for her after that was a deep understanding of what had been wrong all along even through her marriage. It gave her key insights not only on her attachments but on patterns and how the subconscious works in general and that was when things really started to change.

Flora now offers a course called Finding The One (because after all YOU are the one) through Redo Love, which is intended especially for people who want to take back their power, their peace, and ultimately themselves. This innovative 6 week course blends insights from neuroscience with the practical embodiment practices. It goes beyond the traditional methods to help you rejuvenate your spirit and break free from unhealthy patterns. With Flora it's never just about finding the right partner, it is a holistic exploration of self-discovery, empowerment, and the restructuring of your internal dynamics that have kept you stuck in your unhealthy patterns.


Through her journey, Flora came to the important realization that our attachment styles influence our relationship decisions in a significant way. Armed with this insight, she dived deep into the fields of neuroscience and the subconscious, uncovering the deeply embedded behaviors and habits that influence our romantic interactions. This self-awareness not only allowed Flora to leave her unhealthy relationships in the past but also inspired her to create a step-by-step method to help others do the same.

Flora's coaching programs go beyond merely putting band-aids on old wounds. Instead, she focuses on the deliberate letting go of outdated notions and fears that might be hindering one’s personal development. Her approach teaches clients how to rewire their subconscious, laying the groundwork for stronger bonds and healthier relationships. Finding the right partner will always come naturally and usually when you are not looking for it.

Flora highlights that change happens as a result of action rather than time. Her coaching programs are made to help people reach their relationship objectives more quickly and move closer to the lives they have always envisioned for themselves. This isn’t about pursuing unrealistic ideas, it’s about establishing genuine, open, truthful and affectionate connections that highlight the beauty of love.

Flora's expertise has not been overlooked. Having been featured on numerous podcasts, YouTube shows, and recognized as one of 'The 5 Relationship Coaches to Follow in 2022,' she has become a trusted voice in the realm of love and relationships. Hundreds of people have benefited greatly from her methods, which have helped them overcome self-destructive habits and build lasting, loving relationships.

Flora stands out for her dedication and strong passion to help everyone looking for guidance in the area of relationships, in contrast to many dating coaches who might decide to specialize and niche their clientele. Her goal is to help people from all walks of life, no matter what their circumstances or obstacles may be.

In conclusion, if you find yourself stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns, unsure of your next steps, Flora Ong is the guide you've been searching for. Through supportive coaching, she helps people identify their attachment styles and release ingrained subconscious patterns. It about time to start experience life to the fullest, with confidence and with authenticity

Let’s redo love together with Flora Ong—through her guidance, you'll create lasting change and transform your life.

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