Arthur Hendriks: From Amsterdam streets to Portugal’s natural vibes

Feb 05, 2024


Last week, we had the privilege of interviewing Arthur Hendriks, one of the entrepreneurial minds behind Fundit. Our interview was one filled with exciting in-depth conversation about Arthur’s consultancy’s origins and exploring his passion for nature and surfing. In this article, we unravel the story behind Arthur's journey from tax law to his pivotal shift in 2015, to his move in 2021 to Portugal and his recent venture, called Três Bandeiras, a co-working and co-living project near the ocean.

Arthur’s professional journey began in international corporate tax law, but in 2015 his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship took center stage. This shift led him from a corporate career to starting his consultancy firm Fundit, which seamlessly blended Arthurs's tax and WBSO subsidy expertise. Arthur transformed Fundit into a reliable hub for navigating the intersection of innovation, and tech subsidy strategies.

From the start, he mixed his consultancy with other activities in the startup ecosystem like organizing Silicon Drinkabout for start-ups and scale-ups and launching his own SAAS tech start-up, which focused on creating tools specifically for the venture capital scene, a natural progression from his involvement with Amsterdam Capital Week.

After an eventful, fast-paced 2019 when he co-organized the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Arthur found himself in 2021 at a crossroads. He was never a fan of the cold and grey Dutch winters and an announced lockdown made that winter even more daunting. He decided to swap the concrete of Amsterdam for the more green rolling hills of Portugal. After an initial 6 months, he returned to The Netherlands, and he had to choose between living in The Netherlands or Portugal. This decision felt like standing on a train platform and a choice between boarding a Dutch train or a Portuguese train and all the stations that would follow that choice.

Arthur chose Portugal, not just as a change of scenery but because he envisioned adventure, and not just about living in different locations; it marked a holistic shift in his outlook on life. This move by choosing the natural charm of Portugal opened a new chapter in his life, where he could blend work with the beauty of nature, a like-minded community, the rhythm of the tides and the thrill of outdoor adventures.

Arthur has a holistic approach to defining success and growth. The tagline of Fundit, "Access the Bright Side," reflects the consultancy's mission but also Arthur's journey. It embodies the essence of connecting growth, positivity, a bright mind and attitude, and access to funding, which are all fundamental elements that embody what Fundit is all about. This tagline is a reflection of the vibrant and optimistic spirit that Arthur and Fundit bring to the table. They are committed to navigating the difficult environment of WBSO, tech subsidies and funding with a positive mindset and a genuine passion for fostering growth.

Last summer, after some time in The Netherlands, Arthur returned to Portugal with an intention to combine two seemingly mutually exclusive qualities, ‘a place in nature’ and ‘a vibrant entrepreneurial community’. This intention became an idea and a proposition with a team, which gave him the drive for his latest venture in developing a co-living project in Portugal. The project, Três Bandeiras, is a fusion of work and nature. It offers a co-living adventure that invites seasoned entrepreneurs to work in a unique environment that provides a refreshing perspective on life and work. The experience is tailored to those who are looking for a blend of nature, community and business.

It provides a break from the usual work environments and incorporates the inspiration, calm, well-being, and creativity that nature and a vibrant community can offer into their daily lives and work. It's experiencing a lifestyle that embraces the subtle nudges that come with living in such an environment. Arthur is crafting a holistic environment that fosters collaboration and a sense of community amongst forward-driven minds and hearts.

Imagine a community where morning yoga or breathwork sessions, ocean dips, sunset surfs, walks on the cliffs and brainstorming in the gym are as common as traditional business meetings, where evenings are filled with nourishing food and stimulating conversations that ignite creativity. In this environment, a spirit of collaboration and innovation thrives, truly shaping an inspiring and holistic environment for entrepreneurs to flourish.

Partnering up with Olivier Kruger and Soul Kitchen brings an extra level of excitement into the mix. The team’s emphasis lies in blending a more organic approach to business, prioritizing a holistic perspective on professional and personal growth, both in and out of the office. This co-living experience is more than just a place to stay, it’s a lively and ever-changing environment where new ideas come to life. Some might even call it a slice of paradise at an affordable price point.

In every chapter of Arthur’s journey, there is an underlying commitment to a more holistic approach to personal growth and development, business growth, and his rediscovered love for nature. From his ventures in WBSO tech subsidy consultancy to uprooting to Portugal and the co-creation of Três Bandeiras, Arthur’s story reflects a deep love for innovation, entrepreneurship, growth, nature and community.

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