Três Bandeiras: A sanctuary for entrepreneurs

Feb 07, 2024


Três Bandeiras, a unique location where co-living and co-working perfectly combine with the natural rhythms of the surroundings, is located in the charming town of Ericeira, Portugal. It’s not just a place, but rather a community inviting seasoned entrepreneurs to get involved in exciting and creative events.

Três Bandeiras founded by three friends with a love for adventure Arthur Hendriks, Olivier Kruger, and Jasper Mutsaerts as a getaway in the woods, near the seaside, surrounded by a lively entrepreneurial community. Explore the chance to fully immerse yourself in this co-living, co-working, and community space for a few months, where nature, inspiration, surf, productivity, and focus come together.

Accepting your invitation means stepping into this vibrant community where creative minds connect, relationships flourish, and shared experiences extend beyond working-related collaborations.

At the heart of Três Bandeiras lies a co-working space with breathtaking views, serving as your inspirational hub. It’s not just a place to work but a holistic environment where professional and personal development coexist. Draw inspiration not only from the picturesque surroundings but also from the innovative energy of your housemates.


The environment is designed to promote work and personal renewal, with amenities such as a gym, a yoga studio, ample outdoor space as well as mesmerizing views of the ocean. Experience the brighter side of life while being surrounded by heart-warming sunsets, indulge in healthful cuisine, and as a pet-friendly environment, share the joy of the experience with your beloved pets.

Guiding the pura vida lifestyle and adventure together are Arthur Hendriks, Olivier Kruger, and Jasper Mutsaerts. In collaboration with Soul Kitchen, they organize events like house dinners and online events to promote a welcoming and inclusive community. Três Bandeiras isn’t just a location; it's a slice of paradise offered at an affordable price point.

Três Bandeiras, situated amidst nature yet close to both the city and the ocean, provides a picturesque view of Ericeira across the valley. Just a short forty minutes away by car from Lisbon and the airport, the setting strikes the perfect mix of privacy and convenience. Trails along the cliffs and neraby beaches like São Julião and Foz do Lizandro enrich the experience, inviting exploration and supporting local sunset rituals.

Três Bandeiras is a living example of the founders' dream: a space where community, work, and nature all come together to create an environment that fosters both personal and professional development.


Join this thriving community and embark on a journey where paradise meets productivity.

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