Casa Eira: A home away from home

Feb 09, 2024


Welcome to Casa Eira, your very own 'espaço criativo,' your creative sanctuary, where the story of two individuals, Andy and Suzy, converge to create what is now known today as Casa Eira. Andy and Suzy came to Portugal in 2016, and since then they have never looked back.

Casa Eira which is located just forty minutes away from Lisbon, is a perfect example of how to combine a commitment to healing and community development. The end product is a home away from home where people can go on a journey of self-discovery. Casa Eira emphasizes the importance of community, especially giving back to and supporting the local community in Ericeria.

The nine-bedroom villa radiates warmth and charm. A fully equipped kitchen ensures that your every culinary need is met, creating a feeling of home comfort when traveling.

If you're interested in learning more about Suzy, make sure to listen to her podcast episode.

One of Casa Eira’s gems is its yoga space, which accommodates up to 15 mats indoors and 30 mats outdoors. This facility sets the stage for holistic well-being, combining physical activity with serene surroundings. Outdoor grills and bonfires fuel the celebrations as the sun sets, providing a communal space for connection and celebration.


The dedication of Casa Eira to the community is not limited to physical borders. Situated near hiking trails along the shores, the villa invites visitors to explore nearby beachside hangouts. Being close to well-known locations such as Ericeira and Sintra enriches the experience.

At the heart of Casa Eira’s philosophy is its commitment to organizing unique events that go above and beyond the norm. The villa turns into a space for creativity and connection, featuring events like ecstatic dance, BBQs, sauna nights and soul-preneurs dinners. It serves as a platform for experimentation and collaboration. Previous events include a community week, where individuals can apply to be hosts, bringing their ideas to life. Aspiring business owners can use it to test new ideas and foster an innovative and collaborative environment.

Casa Eira aims to provide a welcoming environment where individuals can seek comfort, support and a true sense of longing. It's a supportive environment that fosters individual development, facilitates positive change, and looks towards a brighter future.


The story and Andy, Suzy and Casa Eira highlights that harmony and individual development can take various forms. As you step into Casa Eira, you're not just a guest; you become part of an ongoing story where connections and transformations unfold.

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