Raoul Oei: The Entrepreneur driving brand stories for positive impact

Mar 13, 2024


In the fast paced world where storytelling, branding and marketing meet, we meet many people who leave a unique imprint in the industry, and Raoul is one of them. He is a seasoned creative director, freelancer, entrepreneur and the podcast host of De idealenpodcast.

Raoul is currently living in Haarlem in North Holland. He stays very close to the beach and the dunes which is ideal for running, trail running and for bicycling. He is an outdoor enthusiast who relishes the opportunity to connect with nature. Whenever he finds spare time Raoul finds himself heading down to the beach for a swim or going out for a trail run or a bicycle ride. On top of his outdoor activities, he has a passion for Padel, a sport that he describes as a dynamic blend between tennis and squash. His family is another source of happiness in his life; he is a proud father of two little boys, one of whom is eight months old and the other is four.

Raoul's journey into brand storytelling began post-graduation. With a background in brand marketing Raoul started his journey at a publishing house, where he developed concepts for brands. His professional journey includes that of being an entrepreneur, a freelancer and the owner of a video production company. Here he was able to work directly with brands to produce engaging content and visual stories that had a lasting impact on their audience.

Raoul is in the process of a new rebranding. Moving away from the name “Bonsai”, he is developing a personal brand under his own name. The rebranding represents a natural progression of Raoul’s professional identity, bringing it into closer alignment with his personal values and work as an independent freelancer.


Throughout Raoul’s career, he has had the chance to work with an array of brands like WWF, Bacardi and Sportlife, helping them breathe life into their brand story. One project that Raoul is extremely excited to be a part of is one of his upcoming campaigns for Marie Stella Maris. This Dutch brand, known for its water and care products, also undertakes an amazing social responsibility to contribute a portion of its revenues to global clean water initiatives.

The campaign, currently taking shape, aims to visually represent the brand's impact by portraying a water filter as a reflection of its product. Raoul's enthusiasm for this project speaks volumes about his passion for collaborating with brands that make a positive difference.

In addition to his diverse career as a creative director, entrepreneur and strategist, Raoul has also taken on the role of a podcast host for De idealenpodcast. With his innate ability to connect with people and a genuine passion for storytelling, Raoul has launched this podcast where he dives deep into conversation with social entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Amongst the series of exciting guests lined-up, there is one in particular that has Raoul very excited about. Rutger Bregman, a renowned Dutch author and historian. Bregman’s reputation precedes him with viral video of his confrontations with global elites and his forthright approach to tackling complex issues. The author is set to discuss his visions for a “School for Moral Ambition”.

Raoul's story paints a vivid picture of how storytelling influences the creation and maintenance of strong brand connections. For Raoul it’s not just about work milestones, but also the personal chapters as a father, explorer and a lifelong learner. Whether he is enjoying outdoor adventures, being a dedicated father, or diving deep into the art of crafting compelling brand stories.

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