Maguy Leyzers Vis: Building connections and community, one dish at a time

Mar 11, 2024


Maguy is a multi-talented individual with a passion for food, travel, and connecting people. Her journey has taken her from studying hotel management in the Netherlands to pursuing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation in Sweden and further studies in food psychology and orthomolecular therapy. Currently, Maguy is setting up her project, Table Talks, and working as a holistic health coach. In this article, we dive deep into Maguy’s love for food, fostering community, and connecting people one dish at a time.

Maguy’s infectious enthusiasm for life shines through everything she does, and her commitment to creating positive experiences for others is amazing. After completing her bachelor’s degree in hotel management, she moved to Sweden to pursue a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation.

She has honed her skills through various initiatives, including category management at a well-known Dutch grocery chain and a variety of responsibilities in the food industry, such as consulting with food tech start-ups and organizing networking dinners. She also had a significant impact as Head of Product in the travel industry for a start-up, Bohemian Birds.

Beyond her professional life, Maguy loves breaking taboos and analyzing things from various perspectives. Her passion for travel and exploring new cultures is evident as she learns about people’s habits through food. This passion for cultural exploration aligns seamlessly with the Table Talks concept, where people connect around the table through food. Maguy thrives on connecting and flourishing people, bringing out their fullest potential and putting them in the spotlight.


Her dedication to advising people on reaching their fullest potential extends to enhancing their health span through food choices and necessary supplements. This commitment stems from Maguy’s own journey, where her passion for food and nutrition flourished over the years, established from overcoming an eating disorder in her early teenage years.

Outside of her professional life, Maguy enjoys several hobbies that spark her creativity and zest for life. Besides her love for cooking/baking and throwing dinner parties, she loves museums, dancing salsa, traveling, and exploring cultures, learning about their habits and history through food. Maguy is committed to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, engaging in activities like cycling, barre, yoga, and high-intensity interval training workouts to keep her energized.

In her university days, she showcased her leadership and entrepreneurial skills by co-founding Spark Lund, a project connecting entrepreneurial students with others looking for advice on starting a business. The idea came to her during her master’s program in Sweden, where she recognized the value of peer-to-peer support. She remains involved with Spark Lund as an advisor.

Table Talks Community holds a special place in Maguy’s heart. Born out of her love for food and connecting people, Maguy as a food enthusiast and influencer, understands the value of culinary experiences in fostering meaningful connections and creating unforgettable moments.

Her mission is to bring people together from all walks of life to share stories, savor dishes, and engage in conversations. Through hosting events and organizing networking gatherings, she aims to foster a sense of community.


Maguy plays a crucial role in our retreat for Soul Kitchen. Her love and passion for cooking healthy and tasty meals stand out as she creates culinary experiences that the retreat attendees won’t soon forget. Maguy combines her cooking skills with her knowledge of nutrition, ensuring that every meal is designed to support the overall well-being of every guest.

She uses a mix of local, seasonal ingredients and draws inspiration from different cuisines to create mostly vegetarian dishes of her own. Her presence in the kitchen brings an extra touch of magic to the retreat, making the overall experience special and enjoyable for everyone.

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