Meike Heeremans: Navigating the depths of human psychology and the dance of life

Feb 27, 2024


Meet Meike, a consultant, a coach that inspires, and a skilled yoga instructor. Let’s dive deep into Meike’s life, her beliefs, and the important work she does with Hello Awareness. Her methods incorporate yoga and self inquiry, providing a genuine perspective on personal understanding and growth. Her passion for yoga, her desire to foster a feeling of community and her work with Hello Awareness are just a few of the topics we will explore.

When you first meet Meike she has a contagious enthusiasm for life. There is this infectious energy about her that draws you in. Meike has some pretty cool hobbies that showcase her vibrant personality. She loves to dance and it isn’t just confined to formal classes but also enjoys making up dances on the spur of the moment in her living room. And then there is her unique hobby – bookbinding. It serves as a form of meditation, as she crafts beautiful objects out of basic cardboard and paper. The most obvious thing about her is that, like everyone else she has a genuine passion for friendships, hanging out, listening to stories and connecting.

Meike not only has a passion for art but also a keen eye for discovering beautiful pieces that resonate with her. Instead of simply being a big fan, she often explores museums to immerse herself in the beauty of various artworks.

Exploring Meike’s professional journey feels like uncovering a treasure trove of expertise, knowledge and hands-on experience. She has spent the better part of a decade working as an experienced coach, consultant and trainer. She has dedicated her career to understanding human psychology and completed her studies in Work and Organizational Psychology with a specific focus on training and development.


The idea behind Hello Awareness came from Meike’s deep interest for human connection and her love for people. As she pursued her education in psychology, she realized how important awareness is to bringing about long-lasting change. 'Hello Awareness' was founded upon this realization as well as her own journey of self-discovery and embodiment. Meike sees it as a platform that combines yoga, therapy, and training in a seamless way, all with the goal of promoting reflection, exploration, and honesty.

At Hello Awareness it isn’t just about the mind, it’s about your whole self. Meike understand that true understanding and growth come from a deep connection with both our mental and physical aspects. At Hello Awareness, she encourages clients to explore their inner worlds and cultivate a mindful connection with their thoughts. She encourages you to not only explore your inner world but also dive deep into your emotions. The process involves tuning into the felt sense, allowing you to develop a meaningful relationship with your emotional and mental landscape.

What sets her approach apart is the influence of yoga in her approach. It’s a pillar of her coaching technique not just a part of her life. Meike is very vocal about the life-changing potential of yoga, both her herself and as a tool for the journey of her clients. She encourages you to explore your inner self, promoting a holistic approach that combines the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga with the reflective depth of meditative inquiry. Central to her philosophy is her commitment to authenticity. She is passionately committed to supporting her clients in fostering their own transformation.


Meike is taking on a major role at our Mourning our mothers retreat in Portugal this July as a facilitator, a project that is very close to the heart for her. Motivated by a sincere wish to create a supportive space for conversation and emotional processing, she is bringing her professional expertise and empathetic nature to help those who are grappling the difficult circumstances of early motherhood loss. Using her personal experience of losing her mother at a young age she aims to create a safe space where others feel comfortable sharing their grief and recognize it as an inherent part of life.

She envisions the retreat as an intimate setting where individuals can lean into their grief, find solace in shared experiences and foster a sense of community. Her intention is for this group journey to offer a supportive and self-aware environment for participants.

Meike has always sought to foster awareness, understanding and personal growth in both her professional and private life. Whether she is working with groups, coaching or teaching yoga, her work always revolves around the core idea of fostering authentic connections. Through her initiatives she guides people through life’s complexities, shining light on the journey of self-awareness.

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