Announcing the Soul Kitchen Artist Scholarships

May 31, 2024


A recent proposition from the iconic light artist Clifton Mahangoe sparked a fresh and inspiring idea. Instead of the usual monetary transaction, Clifton suggested exchanging one of his exquisite artworks for a spot at the 5th Soul Kitchen Vision Retreat, coming up this July in Portugal.

Clifton: "I am driven by a profound desire to spread as much light as possible. In my creations, the spectrum of sunlight is mirrored, allowing you to experience the wonder of nature. This creates a connecting experience that leads us back to its deepest source.. My work is a tribute to Mother Earth."


This exchange of art for participation exemplifies a creative barter system that resonates deeply with the ethos of Soul Kitchen. The retreat, a blend of creative exploration and personal growth, will now be graced by Clifton’s unique light art.

Inspired by this collaboration, Soul Kitchen is thrilled to announce the introduction of "Artist Scholarships." This new initiative will allow a select number of artists to participate in future Vision retreats by offering their art in exchange for their place at the retreat. This program aims to foster a supportive community where art and creativity are valued as currency.

Jasper Mutsaerts (Chef Soul Kitchen): “Our intention with launching the Soul Kitchen Artist Scholarships is to support Visionary and impactful artists to bring their Vision into reality so they can touch the hearts and minds of people around the world. Secondly, we would like to bring different types of Visionaries together during our retreats, ranging from artists, entrepreneurs, idealists, investors, podcast hosts, speakers, teachers to world adventurers.”

Thanks to the new Artist Scholarship program, two other brilliant artists are joining the next Vision Retreat in July - Stephanie van der Wiel and Lidia Lins.

Stephanie van der Wiel is a true adventurer - as a photographer, videographer and producer she travelled the world’s most remote locations while collaborating with Jimmy Nelson, renowned for his portraits of Indigenous people.

Stephanie: “From the confines of law to the far corners of the earth: I sincerely believe that passion can drive you to achieve anything.”


Lidia Lins is a Brazilian artist based in Portugal, who embraces her roles as a musician, scientist, yoga teacher, and coach. Lidia’s latest album “Libertad” is about letting go of something that might be holding you back, opening your heart, and finding your authentic self.

Lidia: “I truly believe in a World where everybody can use their voices & music for individual and collective healing. I feel super excited to work with Soul Kitchen on how to manifest this vision and contribute to a society where people can be their authentic selves, unapologetically.”


Visionary artists interested in joining the upcoming Vision retreats are encouraged to get in touch. This initiative opens the door for artists to collaborate, share their work, and gain inspiration from like-minded creatives in a nurturing environment.

Are you a visionary artist ready to explore this unique opportunity? Reach out and let's discuss how we can create something beautiful together!

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