Soraya Lezaar: pioneering Mindshift Architect, transforming personal and professional landscapes

Jun 06, 2024


In a world where evolution is the only constant, individuals like Soraya Lezaar stand out as beacons of change, a true pioneer, guiding others through transformative journeys. Soraya, known as a Mindshift Architect, is a catalyst for personal and professional metamorphosis. With a devoted dedication to elevating consciousness and dismantling barriers of limited thinking, Soraya has left an indelible mark on countless innovators and business leaders worldwide.

Soraya’s currently unfolding vision is related to the Earth chakras: “When we dive deeper into universal truth and ancient wisdom, we become more conscious of our intertwined relationship with the planet and all species. Like ourselves, our earth is a living being and has high-energy points or chakras, and I have visited some of them over the years. I became conscious about this phenomenon during an actual dream I had in 2021, after which I followed my curiosity, did deep research, and found scientific evidence and ancient wisdom about this mysterious topic. I am visiting the Earth's chakras to share my experience and spread more awareness into the world that benefits the whole. The ultimate goal is to harmonise humanity with the Earth through heart intelligence, promoting global unity and raising consciousness.”


Soraya's journey to becoming a pioneer began in her teenage years when she noticed that many people around her focused on limitations rather than possibilities. Driven by a desire to help others see the myriad opportunities in life and career, she embarked on a path of self-discovery and reflection. Through extensive journaling - which was a must at the Fontys academy, she realised that self-awareness was the key to embodying self-realisation. This insight led her to explore various professional fields, from mental health at GGZ to recruitment and governmental roles aimed at empowering individuals to live a more fulfilling life.

Soraya’s ability to anticipate future trends and her enthusiasm for sharing her insights positioned her as an early adopter, consistently ahead of the curve. She explored and implemented tools and practices in her work before they rose to the mainstream, including selling art online in 2008, Kundalini yoga, meditation challenges and cold treatment, to name a few.


With a career spanning from advising municipalities to corporate consultancy, she has made waves in transforming perceptions and enabling people to express themselves with intuitive confidence. Her journey began with empowering individuals on social welfare, helping them build confidence and return to the workforce. She has inspired over 5,000 people to re-enter employment. This followed up with focus on policy changes and regional cooperation within municipalities, where she thrived in navigating complex landscapes with agility and precision. Despite being brought in temporarily to address gaps or challenges within organisations, Soraya consistently delivered exceptional results, earning acclaim for her ability to devise innovative plans and implement them with remarkable efficiency.

Her pivotal moment came during a project aimed at facilitating the integration of employees with disabilities and talents into the workforce at companies - a task mired in bureaucratic obstacles and entrenched resistance. Witnessing the barriers of fear, uncertainty, and ego hampering progress, Soraya was inspired to seek a deeper solution - one that addressed underlying behavioural patterns and empowered individuals in important roles to embrace change. This epiphany led Soraya to recognise the need to shift conventional perspectives on how decision-makers, influenced by subconsciously programmed insecurities and blind spots, can lead businesses into division instead of co-creation. She dedicated herself to helping these leaders reframe outdated narratives, enabling them to see and embrace shared values.

Soraya discovered a neurological holistic technique that forms the cornerstone of her work today. Founded in 2014, The Mindset Society became Soraya's platform for empowering entrepreneurs, leaders, and freelancers to overcome limiting beliefs. Her transformative technique has catalysed growth and instilled self-confidence in countless individuals, fostering a community of like-minded people dedicated to personal and professional development.

In recent years, Soraya has expanded her reach to collaborate with corporate entities such as Diageo and ABN AMRO, bringing her unique approach to the forefront of organisational transformation. Yet, her journey has come full circle as she rediscovers her passion for guiding innovative impact and tech companies and ventures to integrate holistic, sustainable solutions to lead by example. With a renewed focus on our intuitive abilities, trust, and compassion, Soraya envisions a world where societal progress is driven by shared values and collective intention and action.

Soraya has delved into ancient wisdom, nature’s intelligence, and our collective consciousness. This exploration brought her wisdom about the entangled universe we inhabit and how this can help evolve humanity as a whole.


Soraya shared with us a dream she recently had and which she will bring to life - she envisions bridging ancient wisdom, consciousness, and cutting-edge technology by orchestrating a worldwide event, leveraging modern streaming platforms to unite 3,5 millions of people through, heart intelligence, art & dancing across 13 global locations on 7 continents in real-time.

Soraya’s story serves as a poignant reminder that change begins with a vision - one that is fueled by natural optimism, resilience, co-creation and a steadfast belief in celebrating a bright future today. Her journey is a testament to the power of intuition, emotional agility and visionary leadership in driving meaningful change in the world. Through her work, she invites us all to challenge conventional perspectives, embrace and follow our joy, and rewrite the narrative of possibility and progress.

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