Pauly Nuttall: Helping people heal themselves so together we can heal the world

Jun 13, 2024


In the realm of personal transformation and healing, some individuals stand out not only for their vision but also for the deeply personal journey that led them to their mission. One such person is Pauly Nuttall, a visionary whose life's path has been shaped by profound experiences, challenges, and a relentless commitment to helping others heal. His story is not just about personal growth but also about creating spaces where others can embark on their own healing journeys.

Pauly’s journey towards his vision began during a challenging period while he was living in Japan. Struggling at that time, Pauly sought guidance and received two profound dreams that would shape his future. One of them was Pauly and his wife moving to Portugal, and the second one was about Pauly’s purpose - the message was clear, it was to help people heal themselves so that collectively, the world could heal.

This revelation became a guiding star for Pauly. Shortly after this dream, he and his wife moved from Japan to Portugal. This transition marked the beginning of Pauly's active engagement in breathwork and other healing practices, although financial pressures and corporate obligations initially diverted his focus.

Despite his corporate work obligations, the call to his true purpose never waned. Pauly's recent participation in the Soul Kitchen vision retreat reignited his commitment to his mission. The various breathwork sessions and personal reflections during the retreat served as a reminder to trust his inner guidance, and reinforced the importance of focusing on men’s emotional healing. Pauly realised the unique role he could play in helping men navigate their emotions and vulnerabilities, often neglected aspects of their lives.


Pauly’s vision is to create spaces where men can feel safe to express their emotions, vulnerabilities, and experiences without judgement. He recognises a significant gap in support for men who do not identify with the more spiritual healing spaces that are commonly available.

The goal is to offer retreats that feel both familiar and challenging - blending fun activities, such as barbecues and hikes, with deeper emotional work such as breathwork and open discussions. By providing a setting where men can comfortably explore their inner lives, Pauly aims to foster a sense of community and mutual support. These retreats are designed to be accessible and appealing to men who might otherwise shy away from more overtly spiritual or alternative healing practices.

One of Pauly’s key insights is the importance of balance. He emphasises that men should not feel they need to adopt extreme behaviours or identities to engage in emotional healing. His retreats and workshops are designed to allow men to be themselves while exploring deeper emotional and psychological layers. This balanced approach is particularly appealing to men who are successful in their professional lives but feel a lack of emotional fulfilment and connection.


Pauly's vision extends beyond individual retreats. He envisions a long-term project where he can create a physical space dedicated to healing and personal growth. While this is a future goal, his current focus is on building a community through online groups and in-person gatherings. By starting small and gradually expanding, Pauly aims to create a sustainable and impactful healing community.

Pauly’s work has the potential to create a ripple effect far beyond the individual participants of his retreats. By helping men become more emotionally aware and connected, he believes they can become better partners, fathers, and leaders. This, in turn, can lead to more compassionate workplaces and healthier relationships.

In a time when traditional gender roles are shifting and emotional intelligence is increasingly valued, Pauly’s vision offers a timely and essential contribution. His commitment to healing, grounded in personal experience and driven by a deep sense of purpose, is a beacon for many men seeking a path to emotional well-being and authenticity.

Pauly’s journey and vision remind us that healing starts with understanding and embracing our true selves. Through his work, he is not only transforming his own life but also paving the way for countless others to find their path to healing and fulfilment.

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