Stijn Bartelink: Soulful living and embracing life’s flow

Jul 03, 2024


In an era where people and organisations often feel like cogs in a machine, Stijn offers a refreshing perspective on life and work. His vision revolves around "soulfulness" or "bezieling," a Dutch term that captures not just the end state of soulful living but the journey toward it. This concept, which Stijn passionately advocates, emphasises living in harmony with life itself.

For Stijn, soulfulness means aligning one's life with the natural rhythms and energies of the world. It's about breaking free from the mental confines that society and organisations often impose. He believes that true well-being and a richer experience of life come from this alignment, which is vital both on a personal and collective level.

Stijn's journey towards this vision began with an educational path that seemed logical but ultimately felt disconnected from his true passions. He initially pursued political science and economics, driven by a desire to challenge himself rather than a genuine interest. This decision, influenced by a desire to “become someone” in society, led him into the corporate world. However, it wasn't long before he recognised that this path was misaligned with his deeper sense of purpose.

Stijn's awakening came through his work in sustainability and circular innovation. Despite the success in these roles, he felt something was missing. The turning point was a profound realisation during a small musical gig, where he reconnected with his passion for music and creativity, which he had set aside during his younger years. This realisation propelled him towards a new path - one that combined his professional skills with his creative passions and a deeper understanding of life’s soulful aspects.


Stijn now channels his vision through his roles as consultant & coach. He helps individuals and organisations transform to become thriving living systems and foster environments where life can flow naturally and abundantly.

As currently many of our societal systems are transitioning, now is the time to explore how we want to live in the future. His podcast, "Tijd voor Bezieling" (Time for Soulfulness), is a platform for these explorations. The podcast delves into how a more soulful way of living could look on individual, organisational, and societal levels. The first season of his podcast features interviews with thinkers and practitioners who embody soulful living, offering insights into their paths and what others can learn from them. Future seasons will explore how to liberate the soul within organisations and examine various methodologies for removing blocks to accessing our soul qualities.

"Our society is in transition, presenting a huge opportunity to reflect on how we want to live as humans in the future. I feel a mission to inspire people and explore this idea in my podcast: if we aim to become a species where the soul plays a larger role, what would that look like? How would it manifest on individual, organisational, and societal levels? These are the dimensions of soulfulness I'm exploring."

Stijn's future plans include growing his consulting and coaching business to support his creative endeavours. He aims to invest the financial surpluses from his business into creating a support system for his artistic projects, such as his music and podcast, ensuring a balance between his professional and creative lives.

He also continues his education at Phoenix Institute, a three-year program that integrates personal growth with professional development. This program aligns with his vision of facilitating transformations at individual, team, and organisational levels.

When asked about the biggest challenges to soulful living, Stijn points to trauma and the resulting energy blockages. He believes that these blockages make it safer for people to live from their minds rather than their hearts. Overcoming these barriers requires working through past traumas to access life force and make decisions that affirm life.


On organisational and societal levels, Stijn sees a need for a shift away from fear-driven politics and towards a more connected and inclusive approach, where leaders learn to embrace the unknown and become capable of letting wisdom unfold in the moment and allow themselves to be guided by that. He acknowledges the complexity of this transition but remains committed to exploring and contributing to this vision through his podcast and professional work.

Stijn's journey is a testament to the power of aligning one's life with the natural flow of the universe. His vision of soulful living, supported by his coaching and consulting work, his podcast, and his creative projects, offers a blueprint for others seeking a more fulfilling and harmonious way of life. Through his dedication and multifaceted approach, Stijn is paving the way for a more soulful and connected world.

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