Karen Fredrich: An insightful journey to personalised health

Jun 26, 2024


Karen Fredrich, an IT professional, is simultaneously working on her vision while holding down her day job. In May 2024, Karen participated in the Soul Kitchen Vision Retreat, where she shared her inspiring journey and ambitious vision for a personalised health consultancy. Her consultancy aims to revolutionise wellbeing by offering tailored approaches that cater to individual needs, reflecting her deep commitment to fostering holistic health and wellness. Balancing her professional responsibilities with her passion project, Karen is a testament to dedication and forward-thinking in the realm of personalised healthcare.

Karen’s remarkable vision is shaped by personal experiences and recognises the abundance of contradictory information about health and wellbeing, while she believes there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for our health.

Karen’s vision arose from personal struggles with standard medical advice and the realisation that guesswork often hampers effective health management. Over the years she observed that not only herself, but many people face the same issue. Disappointed by standard medical advice, they look for alternative solutions, trying trendy diets and various health recommendations without success.

Karen’s goal is to cut through the noise of conflicting dietary advice and provide clear, evidence-based guidance, tailored to the client’s body and life circumstances.


Central to Karen’s approach is the use of the VIOME test, a comprehensive analysis based on the client’s samples they send into the lab. This test examines the individual's RNA and gut health, offering personalised food recommendations and health scores.

Karen also collaborates with Zinzino, a European company that tests for essential nutrients like omega-3, vitamin D, and long-term blood sugar levels. This testing provides an additional layer of insight, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the client's health needs.

These comprehensive test results can be overwhelming, but that's where Karen steps in - she offers expertise to interpret the data and create tailored health plans to her clients. In addition to virtual sessions, Karen will also provide in-person sessions near Darmstadt, Germany.

Understanding that dietary changes can be daunting, Karen plans to offer continuous support, creating personalised meal plans and helping clients navigate their new dietary landscapes. She recognises the importance of considering individual circumstances, such as family dynamics and personal preferences, ensuring that changes are sustainable and practical.

Moreover, Karen emphasises that her consultancy is not about quick fixes or fad diets. Instead, it's about improving overall health and wellbeing through informed choices and sustainable habits. The ultimate measure of success will be how clients feel and the improvement in their health markers over time.


The typical clients envisioned are women in their forties and fifties, who often face new health challenges as their bodies change. However, the approach is equally relevant for men, especially men in their thirties who are starting to take their health more seriously. This demographic is increasingly aware of the need for personalised health strategies as they navigate life's milestones.

Karen’s vision is a refreshing departure from one-size-fits-all health advice. By leveraging advanced testing and providing tailored guidance, she aims to empower individuals to take control of their health in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Karen’s vision, fueled by personal insights and a deep commitment to helping others, is set to significantly influence our approach to wellness. As she embarks on this venture, Karen is excited to step into this Vision and transform lives through informed and individualised care.

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